South Africa's leading supplier of:

electrical insulating oils, otherwise known as transformer oil and associated services to the electricity supply industry, the electrical engineering industry, energy-intensive, high voltage industry, industrial electrical and general oil users.

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Silver Solutions 435 cc, a Benoni based company, was established in February 2002, after identifying major shortages of Service Delivery Agents from previously disadvantaged communities in South Africa.

The Company comprises of members and personnel, who have worked for established companies in the Service Delivery Industry. We do not compromise on Quality, by implementing a hands-on approach for all projects.

The owners of Silver Solutions 435 cc has more than 50 years combined experience in a business environment, and specializes in the Service Industry. Silver Solutions' mission is to provide you, our CLIENT with a professional and quality product, by utilizing our skills and effective combination of all our resources.

Silver Solutions 435 cc recognizes that any given project demands competence and knowledge in various areas of professional involvement. We therefore use the most appropriate skills within our team for each awarded project. Our reliability is beyond repute.

Silver Solutions act as Agents for Major Role Players in the South African Economy.