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Silver Solutions 435 Dehydrating Transformer Breathers are used on new transformers, and for retrofitting to existing transformers.


The Transformer breather installed is of vital importance to the life and durability of the transformer. The purpose of the breather is to dry and filter the air entering the system when cooling takes place, while maintaining it at ambient atmospheric pressure, thus eliminating any excessive pressure exerted to other components of the Transformer.

The breather is a container of an air drying media such as Silica Gel crystals that will dry the air inhaled when the transformer cools down. This normally occurs when the load cycle is decreased or the environmental temperature drops, caused by the time of day or a shower of rain. In these instances precipitation of moisture is present and must be prevented from entering the Transformer. The air breathed in conveys most of the contaminates into the system, the most detrimental being moisture. It is not of great importance or danger when air is exhausted to the atmosphere due to the heating up of the Transformer.


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1. Our breathers comprise of only 3 basic parts, the top, the main body and oil bowl. The Silver solutions breather does not have any holding bolt that can cause a problem at a later stage. The breather simply fits together by means of a patented bayonet device that incorporates a turn to close or open feature, similar to that of a normal light bulb, making servicing extremely simple, quick and easy.

2. The breather top does not have to be removed from the breather pipe each time that the silica gel must be replaced, it is permanently fixed to the Transformer's breather pipe and is sealed effectively with plumbers thread sealing tape or stag thread.

The breather pipe insert connector provides for either a 1/2 or 3/4 inch BSP female connection, no matter the breather size. This pipe connector is galvanized for corrosion protection and protrudes out of the moulding to allow for positive steel to steel tightening with a 32 mm spanner, so that the breather may be securely and effectively sealed onto the breather top creating leaks, before the breather has worked a day.

3. There is rubber neoprene ``O" ring that seals the point where the breather opens, and is positioned in the breather top moulding in such a manner that is protected from ultra violet rays that would age the rubber, and will not allow air or water to enter the breather at this point. (Minor site adjustments can be made to increase the mechanical pressure on this seal)

4. The breather body is made of 3 parts, the ``Q" moulding, the clear acrylic tube, and the bottom moulding. The ``Q" each have a groove in, into which the acrylic tube fits. The parts are assembled and sealed together in a very unique manner in that the grooves in the moulding is filled with silicone sealant to seal on the inside and outside of the tube forming a perfect water and air proof seal. The tube is then pinned into position with P V C pins so that there is no mechanical stress on the sealant. Our philosophy is that sealant is used to seal the breather and not hold the breather together, because through time the sealant ages and looses its adhesive properties if subjected to mechanical stress and if not pinned the breather will fall apart.

5. The breather bottom moulding has a sharp watershed rim that prevents rain from getting into the oil bowl, also a moulded-in brass insert for the screw-on oil bowl attachment.

6. The clear extruded Acrylic tube used is a continuous length with no joints that due to solar related expansion and contraction could leak and become faulty at a later stage. (The less joints you have in a breather, the better the life & efficiency will be.)

7. The oil bowls are made from high impact polypropylene with a ultra violet stabilizer and a moulded-in oil level line so that it is constant. The bowls screw on by means of a 5mm moulded-in brass stud.

8. Silica gel is the principal of a transformer breather. SILVER SOLUTIONS BREATHERS are filled with only the highest quality silica gel provide the best performance, no matter the cost. To use inferior or sub standard silica gel may not noticed at present but will definitely cause complications in the future.

9. All Silver Solutions Breathers are filled with a foam filter, to prevent silica gel dust from entering the transformer as this has been proved to be highly conductive and contaminates the insulation properties of the oil with detrimental effects. SILVER SOLUTIONS CC have other breathers that can protect transformers up to 124,000 liters (800mva) in a variety of combinations that incorporates quick and easy servicing features, efficiency and durability.


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Our breathers range comprise of various combinations, which should meet the requirements of any Transformer.

COMBINATION (A) Is a single Breather protecting oil quantities of less than 1,530lts to maximum of 10,700lts.

The model types are TX 1. TX 2. TX 3. TX 4. TX 5. TX 6. and TX 7.

The overall dimensional size is 108 diameter and 175mm for the TX 1 breather, thereafter the breather length increase by 100mm for each of the model types to maximum of 775mm long. These breathers can be fitted with either a 1/2 in or 3/4 in BSP female connection.(The TX 1 actual tube length is 100mm long and extends to 700mm long for TX 7 breather). This breather range includes a patented opening and closing bayonet action device for easy servicing.

COMBINATION (B) Is a single breather protecting oil quantities of 13,800lts to maximum of 41,040lts

The model types are TX 22. TX 23. TX 24. TX 25.& TX 26.

The overall dimensional size is280mm diameter and 395mm for the TX 22 breather length increases by 100mm for each of the model type to a maximum of 795mm long.

These breathers are normally fitted with a flange connection. This range includes a top and bottom formed steel pressing and secure the silica gel canister by means of Hot Dipped Galvanized bolts.

COMBINATION (D) Is a combination of two breathers types (A) & (B) mounted vertically with the (B) larger breather on top and the (A) smaller breather below, the purpose of this construction is to save on the use of silica gel, The bottom breather normally contains 1/3 of the total silica gel requirement and when the bottom breather becomes pink it can be serviced easily without having to loosen a bolt of the top breather.

COMBINATION (E) Is a combination of two type (B) breathers.

Mounted vertically with a lager breather on top and a smaller breather below, or two breathers of the same size. The purpose of this construction is to save on the use of silica gel. The bottom breather should normally contain 1/3 of the total silica gel requirements.

COMBINATION (F) Is a combination of three type (B) breathers of equal size. Mounted alongside each other and connected in a series configuration connection by means of manifolds, having only one oil bowl where the entry of air takes place. The philosophy is that there longer the path that the air must travel through the silica gel the dryer the air will be. Each breather should contain 1/3 of the total gel requirement.


Silver Solutions 435

The calculation of the quantity of oil to be protected is in accordance with the ESKOM and S.A.B.S. standards of: 300 grams of silica gel per 100 lts of oil in the transformer.


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1. STEEL INSERT C. N. Machined and electro-galvanized by a special process that plates the insert up 18 micron thick.

2. TOP MOULDING Is moulded from a dough moulding compound in thermo-pressure moulds. The moulding allows the steel hex insert to protrude out of the top so that effective fixing andsealing to the breather pipe can take place by means of a 32mm spanner onto the steel hex portion of the insert.

3. RUBBER SEAL Is of nitrile rubber and moulded into a triangular `O' ring that is situated into a groove in the top moulding.

4. STAR BAYONET PLATE CLIP Is in EN 41 spring steel that is electro-galvanized for corrosion protection and is permanently fixed to the bottom end of the steel insert that fits into the quick disconnect moulding to achieve the patented opening and closing.

5. QUICK DISCONNECT MOULDING Is moulded from a dough moulding compound in thermo-pressure moulds.

6. POLYCARBONATE TUBE Is extruded into a continuous tube of 100mm od with a 3mm e wall thickness using the `bayer' raw pallet polycarbonate material,

7. BOTTOM MOULDING Is moulded from a dough moulding compound in thermo-pressure moulds and is designed with an upside dawn castle effect to accommodate a buble breather effect through the oil in the oil bowl, it also has brass insert to screw the oil bowl into.

8. POLYCARBONATE OIL BOWL Is plastic injected using the `bayer' raw pellet polycarbonate material, it also contains a fixing insert that screws into the bottom moulding.


1. FLANGE TOP METAL PRESSING Is 3.5mm thick laser cut hot rolled mild steel and pressed into shape by means of a 350 tom press, the flange fitting and mounted bracket are welded onto the pressing, and finished with a hammer tone powder coating.

2. SILICA GEL CANISTER Is made up from two D M C mouled end caps top and bottom that secure a 200mm dia 3mm wall thickness continuous acrylic plastic tube, powder coated steel baffle plates are fixed by means of galvanised spacer tube and pop riveted into position.

3. BOTTOM METAL Is 3.5mm thick laser cut hot rolled mild steel and pressed into shape by means of a 350 ton pressed, a oil bowl mounted insert, a castle tube, and weather shed skirt are welded to the pressing and finished with a hammer tone powder coating.

4. RUBBER SEAL Are die cut from a S. V. A. 45 RUBBER closed cell foam material that is resistant to oil, solvent and chemicals.

5. HOLDING BOLTS that hold the canister in position between the top and bottom metal pressing are rolled threaded and Hot Dipped Galvanized.

6. POLYCARBONATE OIL BOWL (large) is plastic injected using the `bayer' raw pellet polycarbonate material, it contain a through hole for a stud fixed into the bottom metal pressing and is secured by means of a wing nut.

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