Silver Solutions 435

South Africa's leading supplier of:

electrical insulating oils, otherwise known as transformer oil and associated services to the electricity supply industry, the electrical engineering industry, energy-intensive, high voltage industry, industrial electrical and general oil users.

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As a proud distributor for Engen and Petronas Lubrication products, Silver Solutions 435 supplies a range of Engen lubricants:

  • Automotive
  • Including Automatic Transmission Fluids,Engine Crankcase Oils, Gear Oils, Two Stroke Oils, Universal and Multipurpose Oils

  • Industrial
  • Including Air Compressor Lubricants, Extreme Pressure Gear Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Mould Release Oil, Neat Cutting Oils, Open Gear Lubricants, Open Gear/Dragline Lubricants, Railroad Engine Oils,Slide and Way Oils, Soluble Cutting Oils, Speciality Lubricant, Spindle Oil, Steam Cylinder/ Worm Gear Oils, Turbine and Circulating Oils

  • Grease
  • Including Automotive Greases, Industrial Greases, Food Grade Greases, Synthetic Greases, Specialty Products

    Oils are supplied in bulk loads delivered in specialized, dedicated road tankers,or in 210 liter drums or 20 liter containers.