South Africa's leading supplier of:

electrical insulating oils, otherwise known as transformer oil and associated services to the electricity supply industry, the electrical engineering industry, energy-intensive, high voltage industry, industrial electrical and general oil users.

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Our products

Engen Lubricants:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Synthetics
  • Grease
  • Mobil Lubricants:

  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Synthetics
  • Grease
  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Duncan Macdonald & Co:

  • Silver Solutions 435 are agents for all Duncan Macdonald & company products
  • Transformer Dehydrating Breathers:

  • The Transformer breather installed is of vital importance to the life and durability of the transformer. The purpose of the breather is to dry and filter the air entering the system when cooling takes place, while maintaining it at ambient atmospheric pressure, thus eliminating any excessive pressure exerted to other components of the Transformer
  • Silica Gel for deydrating breathers

  • Dehydratng Breather Price List - Click HERE


  • We supply a range of solvents with a wide variety of industrial applications, including the manufacture of paints, inks, cleaning products, adhesives, and petrochemicals. Other types of solvents have important applications in refining
  • Our services

    Transformer Oil:

  • Transformer Oil Sampling and Transformer Oil Analysis
  • Reclamation of used insulating oils.

  • Other Oils and Lubricant:

  • Supply and Delivery of a wide range of oils
  • Oils are supplied in bulk loads delivered in specialized, dedicated road tankers, or in 210 liter drums or 20 liter containers

  • Dehydrating Breathers:

  • Installation of all types of Transformer Dehydrating Breathers
  • Supply of silica gel for Transformer Dehydrating Breathers
  • Retrofitting of all types of Transformer Dehydrating Breathers

  • Transformer Maintenance:

  • Maintenance of Transformers up to 40 mVA-132 kV
  • Oil leaks in total:
  • Conservator tank
  • Bucholz Relay
  • Pressure Relieve Valve
  • H.V & L.V Bushings
  • Inspection Plates
  • Bobbins on Transformer
  • Gauge Glasses
  • Breathers
  • Assemble and Dismantle of Transformers
  • Complete Rigging of Mobile Transformer up to Commissioning
  • Maintenance on NEC & AUX Transformers
  • Cleaning of Transformer with High Pressure Washer
  • Wash and paint of Transformers

  • Tap Changers:

  • Service of Tap Changers
  • Changing of contacts
  • Installing of off-load Tap Switches
  • Wash and paint of Transformers

  • Current and Voltage Transformers:

  • Maintenance of oil leaks up to 88 kV

  • Earth Mat Test:

  • Test Earth Mat with a 10 A digital micro Ohm meter

  • Security Installations

  • Alarms (Paradox)
  • Electric Fences
  • Intercoms
  • CCTV
  • Gate Motors
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