Silver Solutions 435

South Africa's leading supplier of:

electrical insulating oils, otherwise known as transformer oil and associated services to the electricity supply industry, the electrical engineering industry, energy-intensive, high voltage industry, industrial electrical and general oil users.

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Silver Solutions 435 cc specialises in the maintenance of Transformers up to 40 mVA-132 kV as well as Switchgear

Maintenance Overall:

  • Refurbishment of transformers and switchgear
  • Assembly and dismantlement of transformers
  • Maintenance and fault-finding on NEC and AIUX transformers
  • Complete rigging of mobile transormers up to Commissioning
  • Cleaning of transformer
  • Spray painting of transformers
  • Repairs of Oil Leaks:

  • Conservator tank
  • Bucholz Relay
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • H.V & L.V Bushings
  • Inspection Plates
  • Bobbins on Transformer
  • Gauge Glasses
  • Breathers
  • Assemble and Dismantle of Transformers
  • Complete Rigging of Mobile Transformer up to Commissioning
  • Maintenance on NEC & AUX Transformers
  • Cleaning of Transformer with High Pressure Washer
  • Wash and paint of Transformers
  • Tap Changers:

  • Service of Tap Changers
  • Changing of contacts
  • Installing of off-load Tap Switches
  • Wash and paint of Transformers
  • Current and Voltage Transformers:

  • Maintenance of oil leaks up to 88 kV
  • Earth Mat Test

  • Test Earth Mat with a 10 A digital micro Ohm meter
  • Repairs of Earthing in sub stations with exo welding method